Towing Rigs
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This page displays some of the gear we use, and have modified, in order to get the "BigBadDodge" to the pulls and maneuver it in and around the pit area.
The tow vehicle is a 2006 Quad Cab, with the Cummins of course, right now it's stock with no power modifications at all. Surprisingly it does a pretty good job at getting us around the West Coast over the Tehachapi Mountains and Donner Pass with no problems.   
We purchased the truck used, off of EBay no less, it came with the in bed trailer plug connection, 20K Gooseneck ball hitch, and Prodigy brake controller. All set up for towing   

I added a large black diamond plated DeltaPro locking tool box to the bed.
2007 Kawasaki Mule 3010 4X4 Diesel

The Mule 3010 Diesel 4x4 power plant is a liquid-cooled, 953cc three-cylinder diesel engine that produces high torque at low engine rpm. The diesel engine is matched to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that features high and low range, plus reverse. This reliable CVT is combined with dependable, low-maintenance shaft drive to transmit power to a dual-mode rear differential that can be locked to maximize traction, or unlocked to minimize ground disturbance when making tight turns. The operator can also select four-wheel drive for extra pulling power in muddy conditions.
2004 Brute tandem axle Gooseneck trailer
Below are some pictures of the modifications I have made to the trailer

We used to drive the ole “BigBadDodge” up on to the trailer this is not the case with the new truck as we don’t run it but on the pulling track. So I welded some bracket work and a receiver to the front portion of the trailer (upper left) I also added two "D" rings so that I can use a snatch block as well. I then installed the Warn 15K winch, and a Warn disconnect plug under the rear bumper that is wired into the trucks batteries. When I use the winch on the trailer I plug it into the quick disconnect under the bumper. This way I don’t have to worry about maintaining an additional battery on the trailer itself. 

The previous 9K lb winch was getting a little tasked when pulling the front of the truck up on to the trailer, therefore we use a snatch block, the snatch block was getting caught up on the leading edges of the trailer so I added two rollers and while I was at it, two “D” Rings for tying down the truck.

Since we purchased the mule we needed to find a way to get it on the trailer. The picture above shows the steel diamond plate and rebar handles I welded to the standard ramps. This allows me to move the pulling truck back further on the trailer giving me additional room at the front of trailer for loading the mule from the side with portable ramps.

We recently added a few more modifications to the tow rig. Above is the South Bend Clutch (SBC) center sprung dual disc clutch, very nice addition. 
On the left here you can see the AFE Proguard 7 air intake. On the right, the Silverline stainless steel turbo back dual exhaust. More air in and more out, it might be time for some power now

I recently installed the TS Power Play MP-8 along with thier MPD Monitor & Heads Up Display The MP-8 is easy to install, is undetectable, does not leave fingerprint in the factory computer, is an excellent choice for towing. It also does not increase exhaust temperatures & increases fuel mileage. The MP-8 offers a 2-4mpg increase and has in-cab adjustable 0 – 100 hp increase.  The MP-8 is also one of the most popular stacking modules on the market!
Firestone Ride-rite Air Bags to help with the load and take some stress off the overload springs.The bags are double convoluted to offer maximum load support specifically designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity, stability and ride quality They install in no time and require no drilling at all.
I also just recently installed an AirDog 100  This compact unit provides the most effective technology designed specifically for diesel pickups to remove water, particulates, vapor and entrained air from diesel fuel. The AirDog replaces the Cummins factory lift pump and filter system, and enhances the fuel delivery it eliminates the air in the fuel that robs your engine of consistently greater performance and can also cause permanent damage to your injectors. The AirDog also provides the fuel pressures and flows your diesel engine needs to produce maximum power
When I installed the AirDog I thought it would be a great time to install the Hellman Performance fuel tank sump (above) as well.
Custom built for towing 64/71 S300 Engineered Diesel turbo.
We recently installed a set of new Bosch Stainless Steel injectors bodies with the Flux 1 nozzels. The Flux 1 provide a mild performance upgrade and in nearly all cases an increase in fuel economy is expected. Nozzle

We also added a CP3 stage I performance kit which is good for an addtional 15% more volume.
Just recently added these sweet looking great fitting seat covers from Wet Okole made with waterproof neoprene backing, and the custom fitting Husky Liner Floor Liners front and back.  
My custom fabricated 2" Dia traction bars.
These should help eliminate any axle wrap while taking off and backing up the heavy trailer.
The heavy duty frame brackets
The heavy duty 4" lower axle brackets
1.25" x 1.5" ID and 2.0" OD Tube ends
2.63" Ballistic Joint with 1.25" shank
Completed and installed using 2" OD bars with joints and bushings.
We made a lot of new improvements this past winter to the tow rig. Below are some pictures of the larger intercooler with larger 3.5" boost tubes, larger intake elbow, grid heater delete, and high rise plenum cover.
Here are some pictures of the Snow Performance MPG-Max water and methanol injection system.
We should certainly see some air flow improvements with this system in place.
This system should help with an additional 1 to 2 mpg as well as reduce EGT’s when tow by about 200 to 300 degrees. I have it set rather mild with only two water injection nozzles until we get some time on it, and can fine tune it.
The Pacbrake PRXB we just recently installed
This will help save some of the trucks regular wheel brakes for sure
Steering upgrades to include Bilstein Shocks, Bilstien dual steering stabilizers Darrien steering stabilizer, Carli ball joints and adjustable track bar, Upgraded 2008 tee bar steering linkage.
Wicked Diesel Coolant bypass