You can have all the power in the world, but it isn’t doing you any good unless you can transfer it to ground. Obviously one needs a pretty stout driveline to transfer the torque of the mighty Cummins to the track. I would consider the driveline on the BigBadDodge II pretty much bullet proof.
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Above is a picture of the SCS zero drag reverser bolted up to an explosion proof bell housing which is bolted up to the rear of the Cummins and contains a four disc Crower slipper clutch.
SCS 4x4 quick change transfer case. SCS transfer cases have been in production for over 11 years and not one has been broken.
Power is then transferred down the intermediate shaft to the transfer case.
Once the power has been sent through the transfer case it is then distributed to the front and rear Military Rockwell axles which house the billet SCS spools and 19 spline axles.

From the transfer case to the rear axle

From the transfer case to the front axle
Going into the rear axle
Going into the front axle
Rear Driveline
Rockwell axles both front and back

At the ends of the axles are the SCS billet aluminum hubs
Above is a picture of the rear hub with the drive plate.

For stopping power, the front ones have been equipped with Wilwood rotors and calipers. 
Bolted up to the hubs are custom aluminum polished bead lock wheels wrapped with 34 X 18.00 X 15” Dick Cepek Giant Pullers.